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Narrative Strategies

for your org, corp, company, and you, CEO, that:

  • help you say something, and say it well;

  • communicate who you are and what you do;

  • resonate with the people you care about most. 


What I Offer

Most small to mid-size orgs and companies just don't have the time or budget to invest heavily in their comms. I can help. 

Narrative Development


I work with you and your stakeholders to develop and clarify your mission, vision, and endgame. Then I storytell your why and how so your communications always promote the same key points. No reinventing the wheel every time you need to put together a new deck, proposal, etc.

Brand Personality


What is the look, feel, tone, and voice of what you do? I help define your brand based on your story and target audience so that when it's time to design a new website, deck, proposal, movie, you have the right starting point.

PR/Marketing Materials


The body of materials you share with the world puts a face on what you do. I develop content for those assets—everything from one and two-pagers to website copy, case studies, annual reports, video scripts, and storyboards so that you always have a warehouse of consistently messaged materials ready to share.



I work with CEOs to get their stories in order. I partner with you to write op-eds and speeches and to prepare content for whatever the event calls for, 

About 2

My Story

I tell stories and I can help you tell yours.

Every organization needs to communicate its purpose with clarity and feeling. This is how you move people to think, feel, do.


I have been doing this work for over twenty years. I've published three novels. Taught creative writing at multiple universities. Edited some of your favorite books. And been a Communications Director for a national nonprofit for nearly a decade.


So: Let's work together. You tell me who you are and I will help develop all the narrative assets—website content, leave behinds, elevator pitches, tags, decks, movies—you need to tell your story well.


Do any of these problems sound familiar?

  • You haven't landed on a great way to explain your mission, vision, and endgame, which leaves your target audience unmoved.

  • Your messaging is inconsistent across all your materials, which leaves you uncertain what to say when.

  • Your website doesn't accurately capture what you do, which means your public face isn't helping engage your audience.

  • You don't have enough of an articulated, differentiated brand, which means your audience just doesn't know why you're special.

  • You're a small to midsize organization or corporation that just doesn't have the bandwidth to invest in comms (it's program or product all the time!) except that you also know you have to get your comms in order.


  • You need an oped, a speech, a movie and don't have anyone who can translate your vision into the right medium.

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